Sweet Pea Services

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Post Natal Doula Care
with Mickey (a doula) & Eli Smeele (not a doula).


Eli was born Aug 23 2008 
in Our home unaided.

Yup Yup.
That's right!
No Doula.
No Midwife.
Just us.

Nice catch Sam.


This is the part when one sings
the Born Free Theme song.

Eli will be attending your home as well as myself.
He will model exemplary baby-worn-contented-child behaviour for your newborn.
Also, Eli would be happy to answer any questions you may have about being in a sling, cloth diapers and co-sleeping.

Attachment parenting in motion is the idea that proudly parades itself in our life.

Now for
"The Blurb"

Services can include;

Wise conversations about gentle intuitive attachment parenting and "baby wearing"

* Exploring foods, medicinal tinctures and teas to alleviate discomfort and improve over all health

Book recommendations

* Visualization and Breath work to help with labour and over all calming

♥  Cloth Diaper options and washing methods that sometimes include a plunger for best results ;)


After your Baby is here (post natal) care can include;

gentle whirling Dervish action in your home.

Any general and light chores that you have no time or inclination to do.
While I cook a pot of soup with practically nothing from your pantry you could nap.
Your new baby (the sibs) and I could dance in the kitchen while you shower.
Oh the possibilities are endless.
Vegetarian meals are my specialty.
Mind you I can cook a mean roast especially if it is venison... So never fear my meat eating friends.
*.¸.•´ lol *.¸.•´
As the laundry swirls the counters become clean.
could garden.
As you go shopping bathroom brightness
freshly "mowed" (vacuumed) floors will magically appear!

Mickey is friendly, health conscience and Dutch ensuring your home's wellness.
Yup Yup
there you have it...
call to book regular visits.




(and most likely leave a message)

Our rates are
(Eli and I have talked about this to no end. He insists on)
27 dollars an hour
for a minimum of two hours each visit
includes bread in your oven baking by the time we leave.

We will barter as well.
Food is a big part of why We work so....

homegrown/ dried, canned foods, Honey, Raw (unpasteurized) Milk,
home made beer, wines, medicinal tinctures
or perhaps mechanical chores for our cars (including body work).
Another good one on Our list is dentistry and chiropractic work.
If you have a boat as in a sabot, a canoe, a kayak to trade that would be a fine starting point for our services.
If you are a registered hypnotherapist we are in business too!
Yup. Yup
As you can see, there a few options for us to talk about if you want to avoid spending money-hunney talk!


Be well and stay creative in your thoughts and in your actions.
Our World needs more folks to be like this!


Are you looking for a calm-forested-child-friendly place to work from.
I have an out building needing work and would trade that space for help fixing it up....
don't be shy to inquire.